Mission and Objectives


The Centre’s mission is to support ISU students to become fully functional in the academic environment, which is only possible if proper skills and abilities are developed. The Centre focuses on the skill of academic writing, as one of the essential forms in which knowledge is created and transferred. In the environment of cooperation and self-respect and with the help of our professional teachers and tutors, students can learn and practise the following: how to formulate and transfer an idea, think critically, assess their own and other’s work, analyse the obtained data, draft an academic piece of work in full compliance with the ISU and international standards of academic style.

We believe that any human can write if proper, friendly environment is created and an opportunity to practise in a professionally planned, focused way is provided. Writing skill is learnt gradually, but it can only reach an academic level at university. For the desirable outcome, it is essential that the programme used is monitored, clearly targeted, based on a common approach and drafted in conformity with international standards.For a successful learning outcome it is also crucial that academic writing is taught by a professional teacher with the relevant qualification, and able to use modern teaching methodology relevant to the tertiary level. All this resulted in the need to set up the Centre for Academic Writing.

We believe that writing is the tool humans need not only to share the existing knowledge, ideas and opinions, but also to discover new things, create and disseminate new knowledge.



The Centre for Academic Writing aims to implement high international academic writing standards. In particular:

  • to create a uniform academic writing curriculum, execute and further develop it;
  • to create a cadre of professional academic writing teachers and maintain their high quality teaching by planning and carrying out their continuing professional development;
  • to offer ISU students, academic and administrative staff supplementary facilities;
  • to offer academic writing skills development services outside university to all interested persons and organizations.