Master’s Level

  • აკადემიური წერა (first/second semestre, Georgian)

The course aims to develop descriptive, argumentative, analytic, and critical writing skills among the students by way of helping them familiarize with relevant scientific/ academic sources and evaluate their validity and reliability.

  • Academic Writing for MBA (third semestre, English)

The aim of the course is to develop essential skills and language competence to write a simulated Master’s thesis, using reliable and valid source(s) and past academic paper(s) within the field of their scientific/academic interest. The end product of the course is a simulated Master’s thesis which will be defended in front of peers, followed by a discussion and feedback.

  • Academic English

The course will assist students to develop and enhance all four skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking – so much needed to function efficiently and successfully in the academic environment.

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